Red Five
Visualization, LLC

Architectural and Design Visualization through 3D renderings, animation, walk-throughs, and 360 degree panoramas


How visualizations can benefit you!

3D Renderings

A great set of renderings can help get sign-off of a project from your client, gain final approval from a local review board, or make great marketing and promotional content.  I can also utilize existing Revit or Sketchup models of your project and take it to the next level of realism.

Photo Montages

Don't need a space fully modeled?  I can blend 3D rendered elements and photos seamlessly together to help visualize an addition or interior remodel.  Perfect for home renovation projects.

Walk-throughs & Animation

Create a dramatic experience through an animated walk-through of your space.  I can customize the type of walk-through to create the desired mood and atmosphere of your design.

360 Degree Panoramas

You can have the ability to stand in your space and look around in a full 360 degree view using your smartphone.  For added immersion, you can use a Gear VR headset to view the same space with 3D depth perception.

Virtual Tours

As an added feature to 360 panoramas, hotspots are created that allow you to seamlessly move to different areas of your space.  You can have future tenants tour your building before it's built.

Wedding & Event Visualization

Have a upcoming wedding or special event?  I can work with you and/or  your planner to bring together all of those colors and ideas to see how everything looks in place before the big event.

Recent Work

Here is some of my work as featured on various client websites and in the news.

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